‘Cowboy Up’ means….

Dylan Moore was barely 3 years old when his family learned he had a rare genetic disorder called Fanconi Anemia.


“Cowboy Up” has several different meanings:


Tuff-Up, get back on your horse, don’t back down, don’t give up, and do the best you can with the hand you’re dealt.  If there’s ever been a true cowboy, Dylan was it.


The recipient of this scholarship should be chosen based on the following cowboy characteristics:


Honesty — The highest badge of honor a person can wear is honesty. A cowboy always tells the truth.


Respect — If you want to be respected, you must respect others. It’s the “cowboy way.”


Sunny attitude — A good cowboy always has a positive attitude, whether it be with horses or people, because every trail has some puddles.


Modesty — Your good deeds always come to light, so a cowboy don’t boast or show off.


Courage — “Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway.”  — John Wayne


Kindness — A cowboy is helpful and when anyone’s in trouble, he always lends a helping hand.


Intelligence — A cowboy learns from his mistakes … never squat with your spurs on.


Flexibility — Life isn’t about how fast you run or how high you climb, but how well you bounce when you fall out of the saddle.


Determination — A cowboy always gives it all he’s got. When he’s in a pinch, he tightens up his cinch, spurs his horse and rides right through it because that’s the way the Duke’d do it.


Firm in Beliefs — A cowboy always stands by what he believes in, even if others disagree. He pulls his hat down tight and doesn’t back down from what’s right..

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